ESC is Philadelphia's newest Escape Room. You and your team have an hour to find keys, discover clues, answer riddles, and solve puzzles to "escape".

Escape Rooms (aka Puzzle Rooms) are interactive puzzles that rely on group dynamics and creative problem solving. They're a lot of fun, but they're also a workout for your brain and can be part of an entertaining night out, an office party, or team building exercise.

  • Decipher codes and hidden messages!
  • Work as a team!
  • Utilize all your senses!
  • Don't forget the small details!

The Mad Wizard's Laboratory

The mad wizard has been up to some serious magic in the past. But playing with time travel was too much.

He has vanished and it's up to you to find him! But if you don't do it in time, you will share his fate and be trapped in the Void forever!

Moving madness

Nothing is more stressful than moving. Except maybe packing your keys and getting locked into your house... an hour before its scheduled to be demolished!

Frantically tear apart boxes, and make a huge mess, while searching for clues to get yourself out in time!

Building a team event at ESC Philly?


An Escape Game is a great team building activity. Our games hinge on an cohesive group effort and are designed to to benefit from multidimensional qualities of an effective team. In fact, we have found that best performing teams are composed of a diverse group with distinctive abilities who learn to integrate their strengths.

In addition to  our games, we have everything that your team needs for a productive experience:

  • A spacious waiting/meeting room accommodating up to 15 team members

  • A recording of your entire experience for post-game debrief and feedback

  • A 20 foot screen with projector for group discussions

  • Additional games and puzzles in the lobby



Our rooms are uniquely designed by professional game designers and educational consultants that specializes in creative problem solving.

All our puzzles and clues are built "from scratch" and carefully calibrated to deliver a unique and challenging experience that you won't find anywhere else. You may have done Escape Rooms before, but you've never done one like Esc.

Careful room design allows you to step out of the ordinary and immerse yourself into the escape experience.